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Well, here we go again.

So we are back under lockdown again. Hey ho. I mean it's not great is it but at least we have the internet. We love our Old High Street and we really love the customers that come into our shops but with them being shut down by the old global pandemic thingy we have decide to create a very simple virtual Old High Street so you can still shop local, even if it is on line.

It's going to be tough not being open over the next month ( and the rest ) but all the shops on the street have been really blown away by the support they have had from their customers this year. The enthusiasm for shopping local was already growing before this years events but we have all been really grateful at how supportive people have been. Thank you. Our strength as small independent shops is creativity and above all, customer service but we have all had to change how we operate massively this year. We are all having to adapt and are figuring out as we go along how to do this. Keep an eye out on our websites and social media for all of the ways we will try to keep trading. Chritstmas is vital to high street shops and although Amazon is quick, cheap and convenient when you spend £30 on there Jeff Bezos doesn't do a little dance of joy. We do. You probably won't see us do it, but we do. Every sale is important to us, even if it's just a card.

If you want anymore information about The Old High Street, The Creative Quarter or any of the businesses based here then have a look at

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Nov 06, 2020

Fabulous idea, we'll done Tim from Objectables for setting up 👏👏

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